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Odd permissions error on downloaded pdf


  • Hmm I wasn't able to replicate this issue with either urls to pdf or locally opened pdf files in the browser. Maybe the restart instructions would work.

  • thanks for trying..stay tuned

  • made no difference, this is on chromebox running latest OS.

    note, fwiw, the banner you said to ignore is still present

  • Hmm maybe this is a Chrome OS specific issue - which is difficult for me to test/fix.

  • edited March 2023

    I updated my site to hopefully fix this Chrome os detection, let me know if that message is removed. You might have to do ctrl f5. If resolved il push the same fix to my extensions.

    Also I updated the version detection page here: https://jasonsavard.com/Chrome-Channel-Releases

  • thanks for trying but no dice..fyi, when i do entire page vs area I also get a permissions error

    i'm using a chromeOS keyboard so how does one do CTRL+F5?

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