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Event Time in reminder notification pop-up should be prominent



  • ok i've added the time of event to rich text notifications in v28.1 @ZaCloud StriFair

  • super!

  • Unfortunately still needs a lot of work given Rich Text doesn't show date, which is must have to be useful. Meanwhile the other flavor doesn't show time nor date but shows in how many days

    See attached

  • So there are limits to how much text can be displayed in these notifications, I can see it was cutoff because the event title took a lot of space.

  • Understood but that needs to be accounted for and typical.. Can you wrap?

  • If you can find examples of what other notifications look like or perhaps the native calendar ones, I can try to mimic them - note the reason the popup window is the default is because there's a lot more room to play with and create on mouse hover actions.

  • dude, just need to clearly display date & time..what can i say

  • edited August 2021

    Most likely I cannot fit that characters: event title + event start time + event end time + event calendar in a rich notification. Perhaps a solution is I can trim the even title to 20 characters etc. that way I'll always have space to display the start time.

  • Great idea, thanks!

  • I'm not sure why - but my rich notifications are slightly different and allowing for a lot more text + time to be displayed. Which OS and version are you using?

  • thanks so much for staying with this..on vacation...let me circle back next week

  • Multiple issues on both:

    Chromebook running 94

    Windows 8.1 w/ Chrome 95

    1. no wrap
    2. time not shown if too much text
    3. date never shown - critical it shows Today, Date if not today

    Sorry no screenshots and will add but did one test and fumbled SS and now not getting notification for new test event 1 day from now

  • So 1 and 2 are probably caused by the "different" looking notifications you are seeing on Windows 8.1 - this is probably resolved with Windows 10 which is also soon going to be upgrading to Windows 11

    As for #3 can you explain in further detail.

  • but 1 & 2 occur on chromebook too..will get you a SS

    Per 3 you never show the date of the event along w/ time..you do show in x days in another spot

  • this old sore spot is killing in that one has no idea what date an event is occurring based on the notification. sure wish you could date either before or after time and per SS

  • Sure I can add queue this for development although there's not much room to enter all these details and it might just be clipped by notification.

    Also I'm curious what this 23m is? is that length of time the notification has been up?

  • yes, exactly, turns out this is a week from now

  • ok so what i'll do is if the event is not today, then i'll display the date beside it.

  • super - thanks

  • wondered if you had a chance to make this enhancement?

  • it's still in the queue, note that rich notifications have a slightly lower priority because it is not the default option.

  • Great news I fixed this issue in v30.0

  • Thanks so much for your efforts. Don't take this wrong way but far from what I was hoping for - see attached

  • has it moved up in the Q :-)

  • I'll requeue this one as I had closed it because I had made improvements on it.

  • wondered if you have done and further improvements?

  • Actually I think I did, when you hover over that "in 5 days" from your previous screenshot, it should give you more details on the event time and reminder times.

  • sweet, thanks! also notifications in C+ Gmail are sweet now too

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