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Unknown Internal Error

Checker+ for Gmail won't load at all, no retrieved emails, no options page, zero, zip, nada, nothing. All pages/sections result in an Unknown Internal Error msg. I tried all troubleshooting/repair tips to no avail.


  • Did you try https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Corrupt_browser_profile

  • My apologies, I forgot this info in my initial report.

    Chrome Version 107.0.5304.107 (Official Build) (64-bit)

  • The internal error is indicative of an issue out of my control, likely that of the browser, refer to the new test profile instructions or at least start with an extension reinstall.

  • edited November 2022

    I've tried the corrupt browser solution, & tried reinstalling the extension 3 times to no avail. 😒 Any other ideas on what might be causing it?

    Thx for your quick response and help.

  • Are you using any Chrome flags?

    You created a new test profile and same issue when you installed the extension under that one?

  • My only other suggestion is to reinstall Chrome.

  • Just letting you know, Jason, I've just gotten around to reinstalling Checker+ for Gmail again, and it's now working as it should again.

    Hope you & yours have a wonderful holiday season, take care, be safe, & stay healthy!

    P.S.-- ThX for the great work you've put into your extensions, other than this issue, I've never had any problems with any of them. I'm on disability SSDI/SSI fixed income, so my fiances are always tighter than a virgin, but some time ago I did chip in a few bucks. I'd do more if able.

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