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"Get Outlook Premium Featurs" Below Inbox and folders on left side

Can you please remove/hide the bottomn ad from below the inbox and folders on the left side?

I am using v. 5.11.1 on Google Chrome


  • ok this will be hidden again in v5.12 coming out soon, thanks for the feedback.

  • Hi Jason,

    The extension states 5.12 on my Manage Extensions List.

    But even if I completely exit out of Chrome and open Outlook.com, the "Get the Latest Premium Outlook Features" ad is still showing :(

  • Can you right click on it and select Inspect and then find the outer div just oustide of the <button> div like such... and send me a screenshot.

  • screenshot and some copy of the page html code attached

  • So your outlook source code is much different than mine - so I'm hesitant to blindly hide things which might shouldn't be. If you can confirm these classes don't exist anywhere else in the code by doing a search than I could investigate it. If this too technically then I understand.

  • Seems like they are only there.

    I added outlook.live.com##DIV[class="YODfR"] to my Adblock filter, but I suspect that the Class ID changes a few times per day, if that makes sense?

    As I've added a similar rule previously, but it keeps re-appearing suddenly.

  • edited November 2022

    Oh actually can you disable all your other ad blockers, i'm curious if they intefereing and reload the outlook page.

  • sorry for the late reply.

    With Adblock disabled.

    <div class=""><div><div class="DVTER gcFPF"><div class="w8ZqB"><div class="YODfR"><div class="JsqZC tPzlR D7L0Z"><span class="M1nIo JMe1C">Ad</span><img src="//res.cdn.office.net/owamail/20221111004.12/resources/images/adbarwhite.png" class="N5uig"></div><div class="cNdl7">Beste Billige Elbil</div><div class="tpIw4">Seniorer er overrasket over kostnadene med elbiler</div></div></div></div></div></div>

  • Ok thanks, I'm rolling out v5.12.1 to hide "gcFPF"

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