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Clear Firefox Cookies Without Deleting Email Accounts?

Hi Jason,

Everytime I clear my Firefox cookies, it erases all the email addresses in my Checker Plus for Gmail and I have to manually re-add them. So I'm assuming there is a cookie for Checker Plus I need to ignore? Can you please tell me the name of this cookie? Past contributor and thanks!


  • What steps do you take to clear the cookies?

  • I go to Firefox - Tools - Settings - Privacy & Security - Cookies and Site Data - Manage Data - Remove All Cookies - Save Changes

  • So Checker Plus doesn't actually use cookies, but Gmail does, so clearing cookies will sign you out of Gmail and therefore Checker Plus will not recognized the signed in status. But if you are using the manual add technique (https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods)

    then the extension uses IndexedDB to store settings locally.

    You might want to test other firefox clearing settings, perhaps use "Clear Data" instead of "Manage Data"

  • I am indeed using the manual add technique. I looked at Clear Data, but it's basically the same, with the addition of also being able to clear Cached Web Content in one go. So, if I remove all cookies except those belonging to Google then this should solve the issue? I was only able to find two cookies labeled google.com and googlesyndication.com. I read the googlesyndication.com cookie is for their adverts, so the google.com cookie should be the one handling their email and if I leave it alone this should solve the problem you think?

  • So just to reiterate, my extension doesn't directly use any cookies, meaning it should still stay signed regarding the detection of new emails in the extension. It's possible that some firefox mechanism is deleting data from other sources ie. the IndexedDB in my extension.

    You'll have to perform some tests to verify.

  • This is strange, Jason As you mentioned, it seems some FF mechanism is deleting the IndexedDB, which I believe you are telling me would not affect the email addresses I have loaded into your Checker Plus extension. FF says it will clear my "stored cookies, site data, and cache". Is your IndexedDB located in my site date or cache? Just trying to figure out why and how FF is able to reach and delete your IndexedDB since that would explain the deletion of my email addresses in your Checker Plus extension, and how I can prevent this to still be able to clear my cookies safely.

  • Good investigation, but the Firefox mechanism is beyond my expertise, you'll have to search the firefox support or google to figure why it's clearing extension data - which it should be not doing - I don't believe Chrome does that.

  • Thanks, Jason. Will do my best and update if I find more. Take care.

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