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Color of text black if I use event colors

Under button, if I check off use event colors under show time of event on button icon, the color of the text for the time remaining is black instead of the normal white. Other than unchecking use event colors, is there a way for that text to be white instead of black?


  • Looks as though this is a Chrome issue. I was able to change it to white in my Checker Plus for Gmail, but the calendar checker doesn't have that option. I will uncheck using event colors for now.

  • edited June 2022

    The latest Chrome version automatically sets the best contrasting foreground color, either black or white depending on the background color.

  • Can I change the color manually or someway from chrome settings?

  • @Χρήστος Πεχλεβανούδης Not that I'm aware, you'll have to contact Chrome's support for that suggestion.

  • Yes, black color on red is not good to see. Unfortunately, as I see, Jason cannot change it

  • edited June 2022

    I have it back as red background and white text - you need to play with colors and gradually try darker red and text will turn to white :)

  • Leszek,

    Are you talking about changing colors for the Checker Plus for Gmail or the Calendar checker? I can't find any way to change colors in the calendar checker.

    If you found a solution, please detail your steps.

  • @5a09f99347d2f For the calendar, the colors you see are your calendar event colors, but you can disable that in the options...

  • edited June 2022

    Hi Jason,

    Thank you for the response and yes, I disabled event colors several days ago. But the previous poster had made it sound like he found a way to change the background colors in Chrome. The only way I see a way to change background colors would be to install a theme in Chrome.

  • Themes will not affect extension badge colors, in the next extension update the background red will be a bit darker and consequently the text color will change back to white.

  • This is on FF 106.0.2. Completley unreadable.

  • @lblinov Did you disable "use event colors"?

  • Disabling it just makes the background lighter, but it's still unreadable.

  • @lblinov ok thank you i will queue this for fixing, got any suggestions on colors, background/foreground combos?

    Can you also tell me how much time till this event occurs for you?

    Because there are different colors used depending on how close the event is.

  • The time says 09:00. Before the event it says 2hr or 10m . I don't have any specific preferences regarding colors. In this particular scenario having white text color would be fine.

  • Good news is fixed in the latest version 30.1

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