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Ad blocking on gmail hasn't been working for some days

The last days (maybe a week?) blocking ads on my gmail (those annoying in top of your mail-lists) hasn't been working.

I have attached screenshot of an ad-row from DOM Inspector.



  • edited August 2022

    btw, I have tried uninstalling and re-installing extension (and "force" re-loading gmail afterwards), but that did not change anything.

    I'm using Firefox 104.

  • Ok thanks, can you also send me a screenshot of the placement of the actual ad in your Gmail.

  • edited August 2022

    Hi Jason

    Sure. I don't remember seeing them on first tab. Typically they sitting in top of my "Promotions" and "Social" tabs:


  • Hmm those ads aren't appearing in my Gmail version, they might be rolling out a different version, i'll snooze this until I see them locally.

  • ?Ok, thanks.

    Btw, I have also tried both new and old gmail layout (though, I'm not sure it changes anything to that part of page).

  • I confirm all information from Stig Nygaard. It's same here.

    If I can help, fell free to ping me.

  • edited September 2022

    I have noticed that ad blocking still works in my Firefox at work (but not on my Firefox at home). So it doesn't seem to be account-dependent. Question is of course if I have different browser-configurations at home and at work, or if Google are rolling out different versions dependent on client used instead of dependency on the gmail-account? (or if google for some reason doesn't send me ads when using firefox at work).

    It has been working both at home and at work for a long period. Doesn't remember having changed anything in my setup at home, but? ...

  • I think this has been fixed? I don't think I have seen them for a while, though I'm not sure for how long and experience was never fully consistent on all my PCs (2x private + work pc). Plus I recently changed "general ad-blocker" in Firefox on some of the PCs I use.

    But the one I'm writing from now, is still same old setup as when I posted this issue.

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