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Extension area counters

Chrome 102.0.5005.61 changed the counter text to black in my extensions bar to black. Since it's not just with Checker Plus, I assume it's a common problem with many extensions. So, I was wondering if there is a fix for Checker Plus? If there is a solution to this extension, I'm hoping it will work with the others as well.

Thank you!


  • The only solution is to produce a better contrast with the background which I can customize and you can too right now in the Gmail extension options.

  • Thank you! I thought it was for the background color, so I didn't bother with it, wish I had now.

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    Jason, the thing you can customise is only the colour of the square, not the colour of the text itself, right? The extension picks between black and white intelligently based on the square colour. In quite a few cases, I think it does quite poorly and picks a colour that is still very unreadable.

    Can we get a picker for the colour of the text alongside the picker for the colour of the square?

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    @SimonHollingshead Then you must send your complaints to the Chrome team as they have decided they know best as to what contrasting color to use between black and white. Note they have done 2 consecutive updates recently, the 1st was forcing black text and then they decided to "intelligently" use white again if the background color was too dark.

    Just to reiterate developers can only control the background color, Chrome is controlling the foreground color, ie. text color

  • can we get the same thing for Calendar per Day?

  • @Peter Can you explain further? You want to be able to set the background color for each day? Can I ask what would color combination are you looking for foreground/background?

    Note that in the next update I will be altering the background red to make it a bit darker and this will automatically present white text, like this below, would that be ok?

  • No no..just like email # counter want to be able change the day background color per the current dark orange which washes out the black day - see SS sent you. For me I would just change the dark orange to light blue like I did got email counter - make sense?

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    @Peter I just realized the red in your screenshot is there because the next event was on Friday and that calendar's event colors are red. You could simply disable the "Use event colors"

  • Unfortunately even worse..then is dark grey background on black day...sorry for the bother

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    @Peter Would this this darker gray be better, note it will also force a white text...

  • might work, happy to try

  • meant to add, what do i need to do or you do you need to do your magic first?

  • @Peter You'll have to wait for v29.2.2.1 as of right now I might hold off on that one unless I get lots of comments, because I just pushed v29.2.2 with other fixes.

  • got it, if you think of it reply when you push v29.2.2.1 - thanks for all your support!

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