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How to copy pop up windows?

i really need this "feature" to copy pop up windows, but if I open the screenshot tool, the pop up closes.

So what's the solution?


  • No screenshot

  • Use the Screen grab option instead.

  • Thanks Jason, but comes up as a black blob.

    Example - create a filter of a Gmail in the web version of Gmail.

    Grab whole screen shows as a black blob.

  • I was able to take a screenshot of the Gmail filter window like such...

  • Not working for me. This time, entire screen shows a blank page, all white. Could it be then OS? (Ubuntu).

    Otherwise, what am I missing?


  • Can you tell me which screen grab methods work and don't.

    And have you tried reinstalling the extension or restarting the browser.

  • Thanks Jason, Screen -> Window works, but takes the whole screen, not just the popup window. Truckload of stuff that needs me to blank out, not efficient. (After removing/reinstall)

  • You could use the crop tool after grabbing the screen.

  • Excellent, thanks!

    Take care!

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