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How to copy pop up windows?

i really need this "feature" to copy pop up windows, but if I open the screenshot tool, the pop up closes.

So what's the solution?



  • No screenshot

  • Use the Screen grab option instead.

  • Thanks Jason, but comes up as a black blob.

    Example - create a filter of a Gmail in the web version of Gmail.

    Grab whole screen shows as a black blob.

  • I was able to take a screenshot of the Gmail filter window like such...

  • Not working for me. This time, entire screen shows a blank page, all white. Could it be then OS? (Ubuntu).

    Otherwise, what am I missing?


  • Can you tell me which screen grab methods work and don't.

    And have you tried reinstalling the extension or restarting the browser.

  • Thanks Jason, Screen -> Window works, but takes the whole screen, not just the popup window. Truckload of stuff that needs me to blank out, not efficient. (After removing/reinstall)

  • You could use the crop tool after grabbing the screen.

  • Excellent, thanks!

    Take care!

  • What am I missing here? When I open the app, the pop up window disappears.

  • I might need a video so I can better understand the context/issue.

  • Before I do that, the option to use the app via right click (used to come up as an option when right clicking on a screen) has gone. Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS Chrome 120

    Can I get that option back?

  • Make sure this is not checked, otherwise it should still appear. Try reinstalling the extension.

  • Thanks Jason, that solved it, except in Google Docs, (maybe other apps?), where it is not an option with right click.

    Also when I try with the app itself inside the Google Doc page, I get this pop up error on top of screen

    "Problem with screenshot

    Context Menu Error : Type Error: error includes is not a function"

  • Can you send me a screenshot for context of that issue.

  • Best I can do, unfortunately, as your software creates this issue.

  • Which sub menu item are you choosing?

    and after reproducing the error can you send me the background error logs:


  • Choosing "Select Area". And BTW your app not available with right click in that screen, nor in this

    forum. Available with right click however most other places. Let me know if you need anything else.

    Thanks, Jason.

  • Now available in this forum with right click. Error log handy for you?

  • Does the issue happen for any other operation when using the extension from the button icon? or just from the context menu?

    Can you try right clicking the extension button and select "Manage extension" then see what it says under "allow this extension to read and change..." and play with the dropdown beside it.

  • Thanks Jason.

    My screen appears different from yours? And why am I again showing the watermark footer?

  • Ok can you answer this...

    Does the issue happen for any other operation when using the extension from the button icon? or just from the context menu?

  • Error message only happens in that doc I originally tried, but maybe, define "issue" to be clear?

  • I'm unable to replicate the issue in Chrome/Windows, I'm assuming this could be related to Chrome/Unix. I'm hoping this is only part of the extension that is problematic.

  • Yes could be a Linux issue. But a real PITA. Any solution?

  • edited December 2023

    This is seems to be localized to your machine or profile, I'm wondering if you create new test Chrome profile and install the extension there and see if that works.

  • How about incognito mode?

  • No, but you can try, my suspicion is something might be interfering with your profile, so it would need to be a clean slate - not one that is newly synced either.

  • Is it worth the effort?

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