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New issue in Chrome - selection tool opens a new blank tab

Hi - thanks again for a great tool. Just yesterday the "Select Area" tool, when clicked will open a new blank tab in Chrome with a url of chrome-extension://mdddabjhelpilpnpgondfmehhcplpiin/snapshot.html instead of allowing selection on the current tab.

The extension works fine in Firefox. Chrome version is Version 94.0.4606.61 (Official Build) for Linux Mint (64-bit).

Thanks for any advice to resolve this behavior.


  • Maybe related -- when using the "Select Element" or "Visible page" tool, the alert message "You must recapture the image!" appears.

  • Can you try reinstalling the extension.

  • Oh sorry but your Chrome is very old, you need to update it to v100 at least.

  • Ok, will try that. Reinstalling the extension did not resolve the issue.

  • Ok, yes, works fine on 101. Sorry for the false alarm and thank you for your quick reply and a great extension!

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