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inbox not updating

checker plus won't update the promotion section of the inbox and say "no offline messages" please see the attached.


  • No worries. I've just reinstalled it and issued resolved

  • If you visit this page does it work? https://mail.google.com/mail/mu/mp/

    if not try signing out and back into your account.

  • what I just read from the extension was that I lost the connection with the server. I'm not very sure what just happened but the extension keeps going back and forth. not stable at all today

  • And I can't really delete an email from the extension either. Your extension is not stable at all. I had a different issue last time and it was the reason that I stopped using it last time. I've returned a while ago but I have a new issue this time. frustrating

  • Are you only using the inbox view or the checker plus view?

    Can you indicate the exact way you are deleting an email with a screenshot?

  • i'm using inbox view. does it matter?

  • Yeah I didn't developer that one :) The link I sent you is proof as it is hosted by Google https://mail.google.com/mail/mu/mp/ and is actually just their mobile view, which I just integrate into my extension and call it inbox view. I recommend the Checker Plus view to manage your incoming emails.

  • got it. thanks for the help.

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