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Touch support for Gmail Checker (swiping)?

Just from motor memory, I tried to swipe emails from Checker. Any chances of making it possible to swipe left/right emails to archive or delete them? Maybe some other touch gestures?


  • Oh I love the suggestion, I didn't think people were using my extensions with tactile screens.

    Just curious what's your device?

  • I'm on a Dell XPS (13"). Touch gestures would make it so much easier to use, definitely.

  • Great news, it's been added in the latest v22.10

  • Awesome! Is there a way to choose which action for which direction?

  • I left that for another time, let's see how it works for users right now and I'll proceed with more feedback and suggestions.

  • Uff! That's a shame, because my muscle memory has the swiping actions inverted than what you implemented...! Thanks the same though.

  • I purposely researched what the defaults were for the Gmail's official app, but perhaps I was mistaken. I'll queue development to assign different actions, just curious what exactly are the actions you would want?

  • Oh no, Jason! Your implementation using the default for Gmail is right I think - it's I that customized the actions! Please don't switch on my account, as others who do use the default might find it weird. If you get around to implementing a customization option à la Gmail in the future, great, and thanks for your time - love your extensions!

  • edited February 2022


    Thank you for continually improving the product and introducing new useful features. However, is there any way to disable the new swipe actions (I could not find any such settings)? If not, could you consider making the functionality configurable (on/off) via the settings?

    The actions are quite sensitive on my Chromebook and I find that items are somehow getting swiped as I attempt to scroll through the list of messages.


  • @Adam Wasserstrom Have you noticed this sensitivity with other software? I'm wondering if I can perhaps just adjust the sensitivity to rectify the issue. Just curious does it prevent normal functioning of the extension?

  • Hi @Jason,

    No, unfortunately, I have not noticed this sensitivity issue with other applications. In fact, I typically have the opposite problem on that device where taps can take a few tries to register....but scrolling through the list of native notifications (that appear in the lower right hand corner) has never registered as an accidental swipe.

    I just tested on my Lenovo Yoga (Win 10) that has a touchscreen as well. It is not as sensitive as the Chromebook (ASUS C302) but still pretty sensitive to the point where accidental registering of a swipe was occurring when scrolling through the list.

    Other than the occasional unintentional dismissal of a notification, I have not noticed any other adverse impact to normal functionality.


  • I confirm that it is extra sensitive, even when scrolling up/down you get the occasional swipe..

  • Good news in v23.1 there's an option to disable swiping.

  • You Jason, are a hero! You saved my girlfriends sanity! 🧠

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