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Appearance bug for Day and Week view: text overflows

Hello Jason,

There is an appearance bug with the partial roll-out version, v28.2, for Checker Plus (Calender).

The event text is not properly truncated when using week view.

This happens for the following (small font):

For < 30min events, the max event text is 5 characters before the text overflows.

Greater than 30min events, the max event text is 20 characters before the text overflows.

This also occurs in Day view, but not Agenda, List, or Month view.

The bug also appears for large fonts when using Week and Day views.

However, there are small differences for large fonts: the bug does not affect 30min events in week view.

But it still shows up in Day view


I tried changing the theme and text, but nothing helps.


  • My tests with small, big and no font all worked. Can you disable all your skin and themes and see if it works.

    This is my small font test:

  • Disabling font and themes did not fix the problem.

    I also tried resetting the font and themes.

    I'm on Chrome Version 95.0.4638.54.

  • I'm confused now because in your latest screenshot it appears the text is cutoff.

  • edited October 2021

    I'm using only black font for this screenshot.

    In the previous screenshot, the white text extends below (it's just difficult to see)

  • Just curious what how are you changing the font size? with the extension skins or with your OS setup?

    I am still trying to replicate the issue, but as my earlier screenshot shows it seems to work for me.

  • I have no idea how the font size is changing.

    The font size for 30min and 1h events are different:

    I'm using Win 10 and Chrome. I don't tinker with my OS, it is as "average consumer" as it can get .

  • Have you changed any other settings in the extension?

    Would you mind try reinstalling the extension and not restore the settings to see if a fresh install works better.

    or do you have other extensions installed which might be interfering?

  • edited October 2021

    Re-installing the extension did not solve the issue.

    Neither did a restart of my laptop, nor disabling my other extensions.

    I did however found 3 instances to replicate the issue (no other extensions were loaded during testing):

    1.) Dash "-" in the event text

    2.) Adding spaces in the event text

    3.) Adding complete parethenses in the event text

    Note: I used the black font so it is easier to see the issue. Also, I can replicate the issue by creating an event directly on the extension, or by creating the event on Google Calendar, then refreshing the extension.

  • Ok thanks for the details, I noticed in this one, that the first 2 events seem to cutoff properly, but not the 3rd one - is this correct?

    My other guess is this might be related to other events to the left or right of these in the same row.

  • Yes, this is correct. The 3rd one is not cutoff correctly.

  • I just tried your test with the same title with spaces and time slot and it works for me.

    I might have to wait for more feedback from others to understand this one.

  • I'm also seeing problems with text overflows after getting the upgrade this morning. I had no issues with the previous version.

  • @Noah Massman-Hall Can you try reducing the max events to stack in the General options.

  • A name with spaces over flows out of the box

    A name without spaces is truncated at the beginning, which is also not useful.

  • @Jason

    Reducing it to 5 made no change.

    Reducing it to 3


    and 1

    Also does not eliminate text overflow issues and reduces the utility of the extension.

  • I had no problems with text overflow in the previous version with the same set of calendar events.

  • edited October 2021

    @Noah Massman-Hall I'll look into this, on a side note do you think it would be ok if I remove the times in those event boxes, seeing as they already in the grid and the time should be to the left.

  • edited October 2021

    Hi Jason,

    I'm having the same issue. It started today when I received the update to  v28.2. The week view is visually messy and difficult to read at-a-glance in some places.

    Also, is there a way to change the times back to being in front of the title in day & week views? IMO the title being in front of the time makes events harder to read because the text at the beginning of each title visually runs together when scanning them from top down or bottom up - especially in the week view. When the times where in front of the titles, the beginning text of each title was visually distinguished from the events above and below it via the presence and "indentation" of the times being in front.

    Also in the week view, it was much more clear to see the times before each title within a day's column because each day's column doesn't benefit from having the time on its left border. The time is only on the left border of Sunday's column at the beginning of each row. Now that the title's in front, the time isn't in view until the eyes travel to the right to see it.

    I'm finding this makes the visual work-flow of using the calendar's week view clunky and much less smooth.

    If there's no way for us to switch it back, is there a way we can revert to the previous version that had the times in front?


  • edited October 2021

    @Chris Hoskins Good news, I've pushed out a fix that in 28.2.1 that should be available in a few days. As for the time/title flip, I am trying to mimic the Google Calendar website, and it seems they also put the title before the time in day and week views also. Hence why someone suggested this idea and I then implemented the change. I can eventually create a skin for those wish to hide the time or revert this time/title flip.

  • @Jason Hmmm. I stopped using the Google Calendar except for extremely rare occasions, so I was unaware that they put the title before the time. Since I discovered your extension it's what I use. I love it because it's such a clean interface and I love the blacked out background of the Dark theme. I use 12 calendars, each with different colors that pop beautifully with the Dark theme.

    That will be great when you create a skin that can revert the time/title! I look forward to it. However I hope the skin plays well with the Dark theme.

  • @Noah Massman-Hall @Chris Hoskins Good news all, v28.2.1 is live with the fix, you can force the update with this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

  • @Jason Fantastic. Thanks! It looks beautiful and easy to read now. There's no text overflows.

    A question...when do you think you'll do the skin to revert the time/title?

    I'm curious because I typically use the week view, and most of my time slots are a 1/2 hour as that's what I have them set to as the default. Unfortunately, in the week view the 1/2 hour time slot items don't display their time because it's after the title and it ends up being on the second line of text, which doesn't display in the 1/2 time slots.

    When hovering the pointer over an item, the tool tip does display all its lines of text in full, which is great, but the time isn't displayed there with the text. So in the week view's 1/2 hour time slots the only way to see the exact time of an item, is to look all the way left to the beginning of the week on left side of Sunday's column.

  • I got 28.2.1 and it looks much better now! Thanks!

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