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Event not shown under some circumstances


I've noticed a bug on Checker Plus for Google Calendar.

Steps to reproduce it:

1. Use the extension with a single account X that imports calendars from the account Y.

2. Create an event in Y without guests. It's correctly shown both on Google Calendar and on Checker Plus (both logged in as X).

3. Invite X to the event, but do not respond to the invitation. The event is still shown on Google Calendar (logged in as X, because it imports Y), but it's no longer shown on Checker Plus after refreshing.

If I "uninvite" X, then the event it shown again on the extension.

The same issue occurs if X imports two accounts that both were invited for an event created by someone else but only one has accepted it.

Reinstalling the extension did not help.

Best regards,



  • Have you tried double clicking the refresh button in the extension popup window?

  • Yes, I have, but it did not help.

  • edited August 2021

    When you say import calendars, are they are simply calendars shared or are they from non google calendars that are literally imported?

  • They're simply calendars shared from other Google accounts of mine.

    I forgot to mention that the event data is fetched by the extension, because the time of the next event is shown on the button even when that event disappears from the pop-up window. The issue seems to be specific to the pop-up window.

  • Ok thanks for the details, could you send me a screenshot here of the issue. You can blur anything personal if you want.

  • Yes, of course.

    I've just created an event as Y on the website, without guests:

    It's shown by Google Calendar (logged in as X, which imports Y):

    Checker Plus shows the event correctly (also logged in as X):

    Now, as Y, I invited X to the event but did not answer (this is important). Google Calendar (as X) still shows it. Now, the extension no longer shows the event, but the button still shows "12:00":

    If I accept the invitation as X, then the extension correctly shows the event twice:

    Google Calendar:

    However, if I decline the invitation as X, then the extension shows it twice but dims both, whereas only the blue one should be dimmed:

    Google Calendar:

    Thank you for your support.

  • Ok awesome details, I will queue this for investigation thank you.

  • Thank you!

    I've just noticed that the behaviour is a little different if I create the event as X and invite Y. In this case, the extension shows it twice as normal events (without dim or strikethrough) regardless of its status on Y (unanswered, accepted or rejected):

    Google Calendar (as X, when unanswered by Y):

    Google Calendar (as X, when accepted by Y):

    Google Calendar (as X, when rejected by Y):

    So, apparently the code that checks the status of the event (to decide whether and how to display it on the pop-up window) has a bug when the event belongs to multiple calendars with different statuses.

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