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bad resolution

Hi Jason,

Since I started using my new macbook pro 2020, the checker for Gmail page became extremely blurry on my screen. See below. Is there any quick solution for me to change its resolution? Thank you so much and looking forward to your reply!


  • Does the issue happen with the calendar or other extensions you have?

  • Yes it does happen with the calendar too!

  • Another weird thing is that the calendar is blurry sometimes and sharp sometimes...

  • Have you changed any other computer zoom/font settings or chrome flags.

    or have you changed any resolution, try restarting your browser after changing reseting any of these changes.

  • Thank you for your advice, yes i do used an external display connected to my macbook. And i just found that this issue only happens on my macbook screen when i connect the external display. i'll try restarting my mac and see if it works! Thank you Jason, your extensions are amazing!

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