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chrome notification issues

Ok, this one is pretty strange, bear with me...

I'm running Gmail checker for Chrome on my iMac (OSX 11.4).

I also use Chrome on my iPad, but there is no extension as iOS Chrome doesn't support them.

What happens is I get a new mail come in, and Gmail Checker appears to be playing a notification sound.

However, this sound gets routed to my iPad (presumably Chrome is somehow syncing it?)

Now no matter what I am doing on my iPad (playing a game, watching youtube etc), this sound notification will play via my airpods, mute whatever app I am using, and then change the iPad sound output to iPad speaker rather than Airpods.

So I then have reconnect my airpods. I guess this is some sort of Chrome bug, but annoying nevertheless.

Weird huh?

For months I had blamed the Gmail iOS app, despite turning off all sounds and notifications there.

I finally figured out Gmail checker was somehow involved, after changing the sound option to a different chime, and that instantly changes the one which is played on my iPad

Not sure what Gmail Checker can do about this if anything, but I was hoping there might be an option in the Chrome API to say 'only play this sound on the current device' or something similar?


  • That is interesting and you seem to have intricate setup, you could play with the syncing and the extension option test sound button to debug further. Have you tried googling around, but as you said this is most likely a Chrome specific issue.

  • Thanks for the reply.

    It took a bit of explaining but my setup is not as complicated as it sounds.

    I'm just using an Imac and an iPad, but the Gmail Checker notification sounds from iMac are also being sent to my iPad (which I'd prefer they weren't).

    I did Google a lot before posting, but it's a difficult thing to search for.. most results are just referring to Gmails built in-notifications.

    I think I'll just disable Gmail Checker sounds altogether since I've ran out of options

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