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pop-up opens in new tab instead of popping up

I use this extension on multiple devices. On one device the pop-up never works and it always opens a new tab while it works perfectly fine on other devices.

I have tried the extension settings and chrome settings but I could not find anything that will make it work. It must be something that I missed. Does anyone know what the problem is?


  • Can you define what you mean by the pop-up opening a new tab, maybe a screenshot.

  • edited May 19


    When I receive a new notification for a new email and click on it, I expect to get a pop-up window but instead it opens a new tab for me.

    This only happens to one chrome browser account and the other one does not have this problem so it definitely can be fixed by changing some settings. I have changed the pop-up settings in chrome and had no luck.

  • Yeah too many options, you can reset the options by going to the extension options .. admin .. reset settings to default.

  • It was caused by another extension.

  • Hello Jason and Will,

    I'm actually looking to have exactly this, Checker Plus in a tab and not in a Pop-up. That's really important for me because Checker Plus is the best email client I could ever find.

    Do you know what extension caused this ?

    Jason, could you please add an option to open extension in a tab and not in a popup ? So I can keep it open all the time :)

    Thank you for the awesome work


  • Thank you so much 😄

    That's perfect

    While I'm here, is there a way to keep showing message that are in inbox on Checker Plus, even if they are read ?

  • Hello Jason,

    I wanted he Checker Plus UX + all the mails, I don't like the inbox UX !

    Apparently it's not possible, hopefully one day...

    Have a good day !

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