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[Feature Request] Sounds per Notification

Hi. I would like to configure sounds per notification. For example, sound notification at 10 minutes is "ding" and sound notification at 2 minutes is "boing".

As a by product, sound notification would also be by account, similar to Gmail Checker (https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Notifications_for_emails).

Hope this is an feature worth implementing. Thanks!


  • Hmm interesting, the 1st suggestion of it's kind. Although maybe something more generic to serve all calendars and their reminders times would be something like if reminders are < 10 min from the event then put a specific sound and if the reminder > 10min then use the default sound?

  • edited July 5

    Personally, I like individual options per calendar as it gives the most flexibility. Use case could be your personal vs. work calendar vs. co-worker calendar. I want 2 x notifications on my work calendar, first at 10 minutes (heads up, soft chime) and one at 2 minutes (get ready, ding ding ding), 1 x notification on my personal w/ softer tone (fyi, quite tone) and notifications but no sounds on co-workers calendar.

    It would also be great to have a default sound so you are not required to select per calendar or notification.

  • ok i'll queue this for investigation as I like the idea, thanks for the feedback.

  • +1, this would really help me know more immediately what the nature of my notification is, so I know how much to prioritize it, etc. :D

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