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Full page cap jagged in FF / wont save as jpg

  • I have contributed.
  • FF 89.0.1 Ubuntu
  • Full page cap jagged
  • Will only save as png, even if jpg is chosen


  • Does the issue happen with grab "Visible page" option instead?

  • Visible page will save clean, but only as png; preview aspect ratio when doing so is wrong tho, but final image aspect ratio is correct.

  • Which extension version are you running?

  • Version 11.1.1

    Last Updated April 24, 2021

  • Would you happen to know if the issue happens with another browser or OS combination?

  • In Chrome, visible page save always works just fine, in full page save if the page is not too large, the full page save will often have cut off or duplicated areas and at a some point on a large full page cap it wont save at all, the js save icon will just keep spinning around

  • I do 90% of my online work in Chrome (linux); I have been using FF (linux) more lately

  • So the full page screenshot is difficult with certain webpages because they may have floating parts when scrolling which causes the duplicates you see. I have to recommend you use a 2nd extension perhaps just for the full page screenshots and let me know if it works better.

  • It's a bit more work, but I've actually gone into dev tools and deleted floating elements before doing a full screen grab - not ideal every time, but sometimes it's still quicker than doing anything else.

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