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Dual Monitor Issue

Hello! Love your extension and have been using it for years without issue. Recently, I think after updating to Windows 10 v.20H2, when I click the Compose pencil from the extension's menu, it opens a pop-up (this is expected behavior) but... the new pop-up window now always appears on my other monitor which it didn't used to do before; previously, it always opening on the same monitor as all the other browser tabs were.

You've kindly made many customization options so I might have missed where to fix this behavior. Can anyone help?



  • All window opening instructions are the same within the extension and should default to the current monitor, so this might be a Chrome or OS setting. Have you tried moving the compose window back to the other monitor and then close it and try opening the compose again with the pencil and see if it remembers.

  • Hey, thanks for the quick reply! Tried as instructed above but no luck... it doesn't remember. (I'm using Brave browser, by the way, and could not find a setting that would make this behavior happen.) I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the extension, but that yielded the same results.

    I do see a premium option of "Set position and size of external popup window" under General in Checker Plus for Gmail options if I contribute, so I'll do that. This extension has been a terrific boon to my productivity and I'd be happy to support!


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