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Features, abilities, or possible changes?

Hello (again) Jason,

I'm addressing directly as I know you are quick to reply and I think only you can answer some questions or add features if possible at some point.

When using Checker Plus is it possible to add support for Gmail templates?

Is it also possible to add support for extensions such as Grammarly that would aid in composing emails?

I also made an observation that isn't a big issue and likely isn't something you can alter. If you mark an email as Unread and Snooze it in Gmail it does not show in your inbox but when using Check Plus showing Unread Snoozed emails remain visible. Not a big deal but if it could mimic the behavior of Google that'd be a great addition to the ability of the extension.

I have used the option to make a page an app and pinned it to my taskbar, working great and I appreciate the functionality of this extension, I hope maybe the things I have mention might be possible one day and not be too much of an effort on your part.

Thank you.


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