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Notifications linking me to the wrong email


I've set Checker to send notifications for all emails under a certain label. When I get a notification for a new email with this label it will link to an older email under the same label/subject. Is there anyway around this problem? All the emails under that label have the same subject and sender which could be the cause of the problem



  • Do you have conversation view set to on https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Conversation_View_issue

  • @Jason Conversation view is turned off, we've had problems with emails joined to the bottom of other emails being missed. None of our Gmail settings have changed since the problem started however so I'm thinking it may be a setting of the extension itself

  • Call it a lucky guess then, however conversations are grouped by gmail's logic which isn't perfect, does the issue occur with conversation view on? Or have you tried configuring the conversation view within the extension as noted in the link under solution 2

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