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"Primary category" monitoring stopped working

edited May 21 in General

First of all, this extension has served me well for a long time, so a big thank you to the developer!

I'm suddenly having an issue where my monitoring of the 'Primary' category has stopped working. I've checked the FAQ and ensured conversation view was on and matching the setting in Checker Plus, reinstalled the extension, and restored settings to defaults under the admin tab with no success.

If I monitor the Inbox, I have no issues retrieving my unread emails:

If I switch to the Primary category and uncheck inbox, I'm told I have too many unread emails, despite only having 18 appear when I search in Gmail for 'label:unread category:primary':

If I then use the 'Add Accounts and stay signed in' option as prompted in the error, it allows me to select the category without error, but no emails are shown:

I think the error that I'm getting in the second picture is a clue, but I don't really know where to take it from here. If anyone has any thoughts as to what it can be I'd really appreciate hearing them!

Thank you



  • Sorry, it looks like this ended up moving to the General forum after I edited it to make a correction. I don't see an option to move it back when I edit again :(

  • So from your screenshot I noticed most of the emails are not actually designated to go into your Primary label, they are labeled Updates and Promotions emails which is probably the culprit. Have you tried marking an email as unread from a personal contact as most likely that will be a Primary email and see if it appears in the extension after a refresh.

  • Thanks for your reply! Yeah, when I'm monitoring 'inbox' I get results from the primary, social, and promotions tab. I prefer to monitor only the primary tab, because the other two are mostly junk for me.

    Curiously, when set to the primary tab just now, I see a notification for the update for this thread alone, but not the test email that I sent myself right afterwards (or any of the 18 others that I have unread in primary):

  • This is a tough one as Gmail deems what are the labels attributed, however you can use gmail filters.

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