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Return to the original tab OR open E&SS in a tab immediately to the right of the original

I generally have dozens of tabs open at once, which. Since Chrome does not allow multiple rows of tabs, this means there is often no room for text or even a favicon to distinguish one from the other. E&SS sometimes (but not always) opens in a tab to the right of all of them. Thus, after I'm finished using the extension, I am typically left with no easy way to get back to the tab the screenshot was taken from.

^^ My tab bar.   Have mercy! ^^

It would be great if, upon closing the tab opened by E&SS, I was automatically taken back to the originating tab – even better would be to make it a setting available on the "Options" page. And better still if the E&SS tab also had a button to go back to the originating tab, for those who want to keep the E&SS tab open for some reason.


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