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Delete on Gmail Isn't Working


Using a Macbook with Chrome v90.0.4430.93 (Official Build) (x86_64).

When I press the trash can icon to delete the new email, the email goes away as usual, but then comes right back with the next check or refresh. This started happening within the last few days. The extension worked perfectly prior to this issue and I've used your Gmail tool for years.


  • I uninstalled and reinstalled the Gmail checker extension.
  • I quit my Chrome browser and restarted the browser.
  • I then opened Gmail to see if the email is still in the in-box. And yes, it is still there and still marked as new.


  • Refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Emails_not_being_deleted_or_marked_as_read

    and in particular the last one concerning conversation view.

  • I've done everything on your list, including making sure conversation mode is checked (yes it is). I restarted again, reinstalled the extension again, quit and restarted gmail, the browser, and the same issue is happening.

    I don't know what else to try. Giving up for now.

  • edited May 2021

    There have been sporadic issues with specific a email in someone's inbox, does the situation happen for every email you trying deleting? such as from a sender you know vs a mailing list email

  • edited May 2021

    It's happening with every email coming in that I press delete or archive, and even reading the email in gmail checker does not mark that email as opened and read. Basically the email status is not getting changed by Gmail checker over to Gmail.

  • One other solution try switching between auto-detect and manual add, more info https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Auto-detect_sign_in_issues

  • Manually adding and staying signed in appears to solve the issue!

    I only have 1 gmail account signed in, I deleted the 2 unread emails and did a refresh, and they did delete!


  • As an aside, you're such a fantastic and responsive software engineer! As a former Internet & Software Product Manager, I only wish I had engineers on my team who were 1/2 as communicative!

  • lol, thanks, I appreciated your detailed breakdown of the initial issue, it also helped me.

  • I was having the same issue. I've been using Auto-Detect signed in accounts but delete and mark as read stopped working more than a week ago (not sure exactly when). Changing over to Add accounts and stay signed in and now all the editing options are working.

  • edited May 2021

    @Michael Vernon I was wondering if anyone of you could help me identify the root cause of the delete/mark as read issue with the auto-detect. The test would be as simple as switching back to auto-detect then mark an email as unread in your Gmail and try marking it as read within the extension. Then send me the background console logs: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Error_logs

    Oh and if you can mention any other extensions you have that could interfere.

  • @Jason Tried to send you error logs but I think it went to Microsoft instead. I use Edge as my browser. Let me know if you got anything.

  • @Michael Vernon hmm not sure how you did that, but you can simply copy paste the logs here next time.

  • @Jason Any advice on how to give you that same debugging info but for Firefox? I have the same problem (Firefox 88.0.1 on macOS 10.15.7) but manually adding accounts also doesn't work for me (I get redirected to a blank page when choosing from the list of Google accounts I want to add in the popup).

  • @Matthew Ward I am working on the delete issue for certain accounts in auto-detect, however, i'd like to resolve the add accounts blank page, can you send me a screenshot of this or any clues of any error, title of blank window etc.

  • @Jason Scratch that, it seems to be working OK now - I was getting an empty response after the redirect back from Google to (I think) your domain, but now it seems to work OK. The first time I tried it just now I got an error in the bottom left along the lines of "The server sent an invalid response" but it seemed to add the account OK anyway, subsequent accounts are adding without the error message.

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