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ChromeOS 90 is now the stable version on my Chromebook, but extension is expecting 89

Just an FYI:

I've been getting the IndexedDB too large type of error messages frequently, so every few days I've been reinstalling the extension. It's annoying, but it always reinstalls and works again just fine.

Since I'm constantly back here reinstalling, however, I always get a message: "Detected Chrome 'alternative based browser' and not the stable channel of Chrome." When I click through for details, it says that the stable version of Chrome is 89. But, several (I think most, but not all) Chromebooks are now on 90 stable. This doesn't prevent me from reinstalling, nor does it seem to stop the extension from working properly.

But, generally, ChromeOS 90 is the stable channel for a large number of Chromebooks, and on the off chance this discrepancy is related to my needing to reinstall frequently, I just thought I'd bring it up. I have always only ever been on the stable version of Chrome, and I've now also had a minor version update within 90, too.


  • I don't it's related, but I am curious if you configuration any options or restoring them when you reinstall the extension?

    and do you have other extensions installed?

  • The options (for Gmail Checker) that I keep re-configuring are:


    • UNcheck previewing marks as read
    • CHECK Add a marker to indicate the end of an email summary [EOM]
    • CHECK Show "Send & Archive" button
    • Auto advance to: Conversation List


    • I don't always remember to do this right away, since upon reinstalling it does pick up the 4 gmail addresses I use and am signed in with. But at some point, I typically do find myself needing to "Add accounts and stay signed in"
    • (Note: there are 4 accounts, but two are extremely low-use. One is very active, and will often have hundreds of unread emails, and the other has a pretty standard (maybe low-ish) level of activity you'd expect from a typical personal account. In case maybe it's all this that's contributing to the database indexing?)
    • On the high-activity account, about half the time I also add another folder (low-medium activity) besides just the inbox.

    As for other extensions, I do have Calendar and Drive checker (that never seem to have any problems) and yeah, other extensions that can often wreak havoc like Ghostery, Privacy Badger and Ublock Origin. I wouldn't expect extensions for tools like my password manager, Todoist, Pocket, "better Chrome history" etc. to be interfering, but there's always the possibility.

    If anything comes to mind, I'm happy to try. But it's such a great and useful extension that I'll just keep reinstalling, if that's what it takes. :)

  • Thanks for detailed info.

    So there 2 things you can try, temporarily uncheck or stop monitoring the very active account (in the extensions account options) for a few days and see if that's the culprit.

    If that doesn't work I would temporarily disable those extensions for a few days and see if that resolves it.

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