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I want "Simple Gmail Notes" add-on to work with Webmail Ad Blocker... :D

Dear Jason,

Blocker works great! So, thank you, to begin with. :)

[My earlier generic Web Ad Blocker was also working great, until I bought Google One Storage, and then those nasty email-ey-looking ads started showing up. All else was still off. Your extension fixed it in a jiffy, I believe. Also felt as though the UI of Gmail became faster, in a manner of speaking—limited experience with it though.]

Now, the issue is, it is working all too well. ;D

It is also blocking the appearance of another add-on that I am used-to.

It is called "Simple Gmail Notes" (Firefox URL: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/simple-gmail-notes/ ).

Is there any way in which I could make it bypass?

Please advise. Looking forward to your help, in advance.




  • So my extension is hard wired one step easy to block ads, I'll have to recommend you find an alternative ad blocker which is high customizable for this particular situation. Or you have inversely contact the simple gmail notes developer and see if they have a workaround.

  • Thanks for the quick reply, Jason. Appreciate it.

    A few hours into it, I think it is not totally blocked, but kind of lags.

    I can live with that, for now, I think. we'll see. :)

    Wish you a nice weekend ahead; thank you, once again!

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