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Bug : Launch video call with wrong account


When you have a popup with a meet link, it could be possible to not use the right account to start meet.

How to reproduce :

  • Start a vanilla chrome
  • Connect to a gmail account without this extension called G1
  • Connect to a second gmail with this extension called G2
  • Create an event with a meet link for the G2's calendar
  • Click on "Start meet" in the popup

=> You are in the good meeting but with the wrong account G1 so you are a guest for this G2's meeting



  • Great feedback and description, I'll queue this for investigation. Are you using a Google Meet invite or other?

    Most links will simply open up to the default profile, but perhaps I can force it to the correct one with url parameters.

  • In my exemple, it's a meet link.

    When i full open calendar and open the official popup of event, i get a button to launch meet. This button is OK with right account

    I got an url like this : https://meet.google.com/dgr-dgzh-sng?authuser=1&hs=122

    I think authuser is the key ?


  • Ok excellent details, that's exactly the parameter I was looking for, ok I'll queue it with these details, thanks.

  • Hi,

    In addition to this bug, i found an other place where meeting link didn't follow the right account


  • Thanks i'll try to correct all the meeting links, it would seem that these Gmail and Calendar issues are rooted with the fact that you seem to use your default account as not the 1st account.

  • Yes, I am this man :)

  • Hi Jason,

    I saw your new version recently. Do you have any plan for this bug ?


  • It's still in the queue

  • Wow !

    Thanks for your quick reply

  • I can't wait for this release. I'm facing the same issue.

  • @Jeferson Lemos Good news I've fixed this issue in the latest v29.2.1

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the update but for me, this fix is partial.

    When i click from the top of chrome, your fix works and i go to the good account

    But when i click the link form the windows popup, i don't go to the right account


  • Good catch, I'll fix it for rich notification as well in the next update.

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