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[Bug] Open in gmail tab doesn't work as expected


When i choose "open in gmail", it works like "open in gmail in a new tab".

Step to reproduce :

  • Start chrome vanilla
  • Open a tab with gmail account and no unread message (same configuration as image)
  • Open a new tab (youtube for exemple)
  • Click on checker plus gmail icon

=> Result : Launch a new tab

=> Expect : Open the first tab




  • It works for me.

    What's the url of that opened Gmail tab?

    Do you have more than 1 Gmail account?

  • Like my previous bug, i have two open accounts : 0 and 1

    I configure the plugin to only watch account 1 : https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/#inbox

    I test with two tabs of gmail (one of each) and it's never open one of them, always launch a new one


  • Can you activate your Gmail tab and then right click the extension icon and select "This can read and change your site" and let me know if the "mail.google.com" is selected?

  • That's like your image, mail.google.com is already selected.

  • I'm wondering if this is related to you only monitoring the 2nd account. Can you reactive the 1st account in the extension options and see if that makes a difference.

  • There is a new problem :)

    I cannot add my first account. I click on "add a account" > In the popup choose my first account (0) > Allow the plugin > The popup is close with nothing new

    It always be the second account that is check.


  • edited March 2021

    Ok I'll queue this for investigation most likely related to skipping the default account initially. For the purpose of fixing the Gmail tab issue can you revert to using the default "auto-detect Gmail accounts"

  • Also for the purposes of debugging the add account issue, can you tell if you used the Chrome sign in or Google Account sign in buttons?

  • This configuration bellow doesn't work

    This configuration bellow works ! But launch the first account (0). I found no method to launch the second one (1).

  • I always use "Google Account sign in" and never use "Chrome sign in"

  • Excellent details, I'll queue this for fixing and I believe I found the cause for add account issue, most likely you started with the auto-detect method and removed account #1, then you switched to add account method and added account #2, then you tried adding account #1 but the extension remembered that you ignored account #1 previously in the auto-detect so it also prevented it from adding in the manual add. You can test this theory by checking all accounts to on in auto-detect and then switch back to manual add, let me know.

  • That's what i did, exactly.

    You are right for test.

  • edited March 2021

    Ok I've fixed both issues in my local tests, but I'm already in the midst of rolling a big update, so the fix will go in the next one. So at least a week or so, hope that's ok, thanks again for all the details.

  • You're welcome.

    Can't wait to see the next version but one/two weeks is a good deal.

  • Good news 22.6.1 has the fix, you can force the update with this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Extension_Updates

  • I confirm. It works better. Thanks

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