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[Feature] Remove profil picture everywhere


Is there an option to remove profil picture everywhere (in order to increase space for text in my case)

I see 2 areas



  • Yes, but only within the extension popup window (not the notification)

    You can modify almost anything in the popup window with Skins & Themes


    You can apply this particular skin: [Contact circles] Hide

  • Thanks for popup window. It's perfect.

    Do you plan to add the same to notification ?

  • Developers don't have as much control over OS notifications, so I believe if I don't place an image the area may still be unuseable.

  • My idea come from your other plugin

    There is no portrait and no space loose.


  • Interesting but I think that space is still reserved, when I line up both your notification images that seem pretty similar in size, perhaps the only difference is the Gmail notifiation is a bit taller because the blurred text contains 2 lines.

  • OK. I understand, you are right.

    The notification of gmail is wider than calendar so it will be no more space for text.

    However, this option interests me in the consistency of the presentation.


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