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Option to add events which have the same time for start and end via quick add?

Hi Jason! In Google Calendar there are reminders, which don't take time(span) but happen at some time. Is it possible for you to either support reminders, or to add option that the start and end times are the same for an event automatically (essentially mimicking reminders)? Currently the end hour is 1 hour after the start hour and i have to manually fix this every time.

P.S.: your extension is a real life saver (saving time = saving life). I'm sacked but will still donate now, and will also add a reminder via quick add to donate more in the future. :)


  • You have to ping the Google team to add support for Reminders in extensions, read this thread: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/2405/google-calendar-reminder-integration#latest

    As for mimicking reminders, you can always click on a day and set the end time to start time.

  • I should have said "Tasks" and not "Reminders", because according to this link the Tasks are the future. https://workspaceupdates.googleblog.com/2019/03/set-start-times-and-import-reminders-in.html

    About the mimicking reminders, i'm attaching a screenshot. Did you mean that i could change the 15:00 in that screenshot to 14:00 manually? My feedback is about adding an option so that the both values match automatically to be the same. It is a combination of a feedback and a question. If there is a workaround to make them match every time automatically, then i don't know how to trigger it. If there isn't, them i propose for this to be added to your backlog with some kind of low priority, it you mind adding it at some time. Nothing is mandatory, but i just wanted to make myself clear.

  • interesting article thanks, I wonder if this means they'll be removing Reminders in favor or Tasks. Either way I am exploring integrating Tasks into the extension which I think will be the better solution.

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