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Open Gmail links from extension popup window in current/active tab rather than existing tab.

edited December 2020 in Checker Plus for Gmail

Clicking any link from the extension popup window always opens an existing tab. This is very jarring, especially when using multiple chrome windows. If I click a link in my active window my minimized chrome window pops ups (often on a different monitor). Ideally I would want gmail to open in my current/active tab, or create a new active tab (even if loading gmail is slower than jumping to an existing tab). The behavior when no other pre existing gmails tabs are open is perfect.

The closest solution in the forum was ctrl clicking links which opens a new tab in the background. Unfortunately, this a. requires holding ctrl, which requires two hands to click (middle clicking links would be fine, but that currently seems to turn on the, unnecessary, auto-scroller). b. opens the tab in the background, so it requires an extra click every time to activate it.

There should really be a setting for these different options just like there is one for the notifications popup.


  • edited December 2020

    Just to clarify you want an option so that all extension popup actions that open the Gmail inbox or messages would open them in the current existing tab? not the existing Gmail tab and not open a new tab?

  • The current behavior when no existing gmail tabs exist may be best (opening a new tab in focus).

  • Ok I'll queue that in my list of enhancements, thanks.

  • Just got the new update today. This is working great now. Thanks.

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