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dont auto load images for privacy

I have auto loading of images turned off in my gmail accounts for privacy.

I don't see a way to disable that in checker +gmail - it displays all the tracking images which I do not like.

Can this be turned off?


  • 'Always display external images' is enabled in options, but I'm not getting images showing in the popup, and there's no action I can see in Checker Plus to display them - have to go into Gmail and click 'display images'.

    Am I missing something obvious?

  • @Tim S try testing emails from different senders, it might be specific to some.

  • More generally, is there no way to trigger 'display images' in Checker Plus popup?

    As a user I shouldn't have to be concerned about the sender - I don't know what I'm supposed to do from that?

  • @Tim S my guess is the issue is related to a specific sender, because the images are appearing for me, and yes if you disabled them the extension would also prompt you to display the per email preview.

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