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Yahoo wise to the Adblocker

Every time I use yahoo mail now I get this. It completely blocks access to yahoo, which I have to refresh over and over. I've uninstalled and reinstalled on chrome to no avail.



  • You have 2 options:

    1) Disable some or all of your ad blockers until you find the one that's interfering.

    2) Change to another webmail provider such Gmail or Outlook etc.

  • I confirm the above is true. However, it doesn't make my Yahoo Mail completely unusable. It only happens 2-3 time a day, mostly when I click on the Spam Folder to empty it or when I click Compose to create a new message. A quick refresh and I can click on those with no problems.

    While I'm going to try your first suggestion (not #2, lol - although I have a GMail account for other functions), here are the Extensions I'm currently using in the latest version of Edge (81.0.416.68):

    AdBlock - Best Ad Blocker

    AdBlocker Ultimate

    uBlock Origin


    Go-Back with Backspace

    Web Developer (from ChrisPederick.com)

    Webmail Ad Blocker

    Will report back here once I figure out which of the other Ad Blocker's are interfering, although it may be a day or two.

  • Super. I assumed it was the webmail ad blocker, as that's the one that works on yahoo. But whitelisting yahoo on Adblock plus did the job.

    Many thanks for all you do.

  • Disable AdBlocker Ultimate

  • I too just started getting issues with Yahoo Mail (the same error posted above).

    I have only 2 adblockers, AdBlock and "webmail ad blocker". On Adblock, I have whitelisted Yahoo Mail, so it isn't the issue.

    On Webmail Ad Blocker, I would have to refresh my Yahoo Mail for the error to go away. The error seems to pop up several times a day (especially after doing Yahoo searches). The only way to stop it was to disable the extension, and then Yahoo behaves properly (but all the ads come back as the extension is no longer working).

    Any thoughts? Does this mean that Webmail Ad Blocker doesn't really work with Yahoo Mail anymore (unless you want to put up with refreshing your page often).

  • @StevenMeyers Seems to work for me, have you tried just disabling the other ad blocker completely?

  • UPDATE from my previous post.

    I found disabling these two plugins didn't change anything: uBlock Origin, AdBlocker Ultimate.

    I did find that by disabling "AdBlock - best ad blocker by BetaFish," DOES fix the problem.

    Hope this helps everyone.

  • @Julie Maine Can you try reinstalling the extension and refreshing the yahoo page and see if that makes a difference.

  • uninstalling and reloading worked, thanks!

  • I whitelisted Yahoo Mail and the change works for a bit and then the new Yahoo returns. I do think this is going to be something we see ongoing since the Internet has changed and seems to be more of a business tool. Ads are bringing in money. Often I can't even surf to a web page, even when directed to that page via a search engine, without needing to subscribe or pay for the information I want. Currently, I can deny a subscription and still maybe see the info but I do believe it will become necessary to have a subscription or donation to obtain an article or information. As an older Internet user this is not something I like. I remember the freedom the Internet offered for information, etc. I also believe that there is a lot of work that people put into their journalism, research and creativity to warrant being reimbursed in some way. The transition is just not something I enjoy. Maybe I will begin to pay Yahoo for their Pro version of yahoo mail. Maybe not. Change just is not always easy especially with the pandemic raging. I do think it is a bad time for Yahoo to suddenly put this into place, but some might say it is the perfect time.

  • Started to happen to me as well, the only ad blocker I have is WAB, adblock is turned off for the mail.yahoo.com

  • I figured out how to get the annoying pop up to stop where Yahoo Mail does a countdown of 15 seconds now. Use uBlock Origin and select he element picker. Select the whole pop up box. it will turn a shade of orange. Then select create. When you refresh this will go away. But now Yahoo will act as if the pop up is active and will dim the screen but I didn't see the pop up. I selected the same process and made sure my whole screen was selected. I selected the corrected line of code that shows the screen not orange and selected create and now it is fixed.

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