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Can't find my calendar

I'm signed in, but my calendar doesn't show up as an option in the checklist. I've tried sigining in both through Browser and through GSuite account. When I click to open the calendar link my calendar shows up fine.


  • It is a regular calendar or external/shared one?

    Try double clicking the refresh button in the extension window.

  • Hey Jason, It's a regular Google calendar. Already tried refreshing, no luck.

  • Just want to confirm you tried the double click action?

    If so you can try reinstalling the extension.

  • I did yep. Also reinstalled twice.

  • edited October 16

    And it's only this one particular calendar that is not appearing ?

    Can you send me a screenshot for context between what is in the extension and in your Google Calendar

  • That's correct. I can access all of my coworker's calendars, as well as my personal calendar, but not the work calendar associated with the Google Account I've signed in under.

  • Just need to precise that my extension only recognizes 1 google calendar account - are talking about 2 separate accounts or multiple calendars from the same account.

  • Two separate accounts, but with permissions. Oddly enough it's fine showing the calendar from the second account, but not the one I authorized with.

  • So you can't grant permissions to 2 separate accounts within the extension, however you can share calendars between accounts and see those calendars in the extension.

  • Yep, I'm aware. I've granted permissions to one account, and that's the one I can't see.

  • Can you send me a screenshot of the list of calendars in the extension vs the ones in your Google Calendar webpage.

  • Can't do that for privacy reasons, sorry. All I can tell you is that the one attached to my Google account is not showing up in the list. Is there other information that might help?

  • Can you blur or remove any details from the screenshots.

  • I got this error " IO error: .../LOCK: File currently in use. (ChromeMethodBFE: 15::LockFile::2)  "

  • @Margaretha Theresia Restart the computer and then possibly reinstall the extension.

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