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Social media icons are stretched

The issue isn't present when viewing the email in print mode in Gmail.


  • Sorry this doesn't seem related to my extensions. Try googling for this answer.

  • edited October 14

    The layout issue is caused by CSS in the Checker Plus for Gmail™ extension.

    The problematic line is 257 in popup.html:

    #openEmail.resized .messageBody img {max-width:91vw !important;xxheight:auto !important} /* Test: YouTube emails with thumbnails, Facebook emails. Still buggy if image as width or height attributes */

  • I presume you are using the Gmail inbox view in my extension?

    Can you forward me a Youtube email to my email (you can find it in Website .. About .. Contact)

  • Thanks for the email.

    Does this affect more emails? or just emails from N26 Customer Support.

  • I'm not aware of any other emails being affected.

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