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Automatically Open Gmail Account Using Checker Plus for Gmail

I have installed Checker Plus for Gmail on my Firefox 81.0.1 browser (Windows 10 Home).

When I click on the envelope icon visible in the toolbar and select the Open Gmail icon, I was expecting that it would automatically signin into my Gmail account and take me there. Instead, it takes me to the Gmail signin page (mail.google.com) and I have to manually signin into the account.

Is this the standard behavior of Checker Plus for Gmail? Am I missing a setting somewhere?


  • You should be able to sign in once in your browser and then it should subsequently open that Gmail account. Are you always signing out of your Gmail?

  • I don't sign out of my Gmail account but when I close the Firefox browser (or shutdown the laptop) and then launch it again later on I have to go through the login process again. I was hoping that Checker Plus would store my login credentials such that I would not have to re-enter them when I want to access the Gmail account.

  • edited October 11

    For security purposes my extensions never accept or store your credentials. You can use the add accounts method which uses Oauth more info:

    but regardless it will not save the session in your browser, just within the extension.

  • Ok, thanks for the clarification.

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