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Google Chrome: The extension requests access on every website?

For example, if I navigate to https://www.google.com/ or https://www.reddit.com/ and click the puzzle piece icon in the upper right, "Checker Plus for Gmail" is listed in the "Access requested" section. I have already tried reinstalling the extension from the Chrome Webstore and have verified it has the default site access it requests (https://mail.google.com/*).

This does not seem like expected behaviour, as my other extensions that request access to specific sites do not appear in the "Access requested" section.


  • I'm not sure exactly what this is about either, it seems be a recent addition to the Chrome browser, here's a thread on it: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/6262/requires-and-gains-access-to-web-sites-unrelated-to-gmail

  • Ah, apologies, I didn't realize another post about this issue already existed.

    It still seems odd that only your extension is exhibiting this behaviour though (of the extensions that the other poster and I have installed), if it were a Chrome extension framework issue I'd expect there to be many extensions all exhibiting the same behaviour. To be clear I'm not accusing you of doing anything malicious or anything, just that perhaps whatever system you are using to request permissions might be slightly different than what other extension developers are using (admittedly I do not know much about extension development)?

  • One thing I notice when right clicking your extension on a website like Reddit is it shows "This can read and change site data: When you click the extension" (which sounds like it is an extra permission on top of the mail.google.com site access). Upon clicking the extension icon when on a webpage (such as reddit.com), it immediately moves from the "Access requested" section to the "Full access" section within the puzzle piece drop down menu.

  • edited October 6

    So I believe it may be related to the fact that my extensions have many features such as the Gmail extension ability to "Email current page link" https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Email_page_link

    and my calendar extension can create an event from the details of the current page. But this access is only granted after clicking the extension icon while you are on that particular site.

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