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Got super slow in recent couple of month

I have 3 Gmail account, and when I click on Mail Icon it take seconds to load. It used to be instant. Is there anyway to go back to whatever was modified to see accounts instant?

This addon is actually getting worse with updates. Please revert!

I recorded a video to show you how slow it got. Supper Annoying!



  • A reinstall of the extension has fixed this issue with other users.

  • Just did and it seems like it's working much better now. Thank you. I will keep you posted if it will start slowing down again.

  • Mine is super slow as well. What is proper way to reinstall extension? I have about 8 accounts, will I have to add all of them again?

  • I have niticed the same, When I click in the icon its actually taking 5, 10 seconds to load the headers. The window drops down immediately but I then have to wait for the headers.

  • Sorry, reinstalled and all fixed. I know I know , I should have done that first thanks Jason

  • @WillyParsons If you are using auto-detect then a simple reinstall should work and detect your accounts again for manual adding you may have to repeat that.

  • So I should uninstall, then reinstall, correct?

  • @WillyParsons Yes, however, you may lose other Gmail settings you've changed - but there is a mechanism that will try to restore them if possible.

  • I uninstalled and reinstalled and did not have to reconfigure accounts. Whew! Works faster again. Thanx

  • edited December 2020

    Hi @Jason , so even though reinstall helps, it helps only for a while. after about a week it's becoming slow again I have to reinstall again. Already did like 3-4 times. Is there a more permanent solution to this problem?

    Thank you.

  • @AlexBellP It seems some have resolved the issue without reinstalling, trying clearing temporary data or cookies, more info on this thread: https://jasonsavard.com/forum/discussion/6104/slow-popup-window#latest

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