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Backup Options for Firefox Addon?

Hello. I could not find it and been looking around. Trying to see if there are options I can backup the Gmail Checker addon's settings (intervals, account logins, etc) so I can refresh Firefox, install the addon, and just import all the settings without manually doing them all over again. Or if the settings not exists, or it does and I do not know where, are there files I can just manually backup under the Firefox profile that I can then copy back that will contain all that info?



  • Have you tried the Options .. Admin .. Save/Load

  • THTH
    edited September 26

    Hi there. I have clicked SAVE but not sure what it did or if it is supposed to do anything. So not sure how/where to confirm it saved settings for me to test.

  • It should save it to your Firefox profile, but to be sure just take screenshots of the extension options.

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