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Popup window opens the wrong Gmail account

Hello Jason,

I (kind of) search in the discussion db but could not find this issue. BTW, the "Search" button top left on discussion does not work...

I have 3 Gmail accounts, call them nb 1, 2 and 3, linked to Checker.

Before it worked fine.

But now since before summer approx, when I recieve an email for accnt nb 1 and get the popup window bottom right as usual, when I click it always opens the Gmail account window Nb 3. Strangely enough, it does not do that for emails received for Nb2 (which is the accnt that I have for Checker Plus) !

Any clue on this strange behavior ?


  • Refer to this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Sync_sign_in_account_order

    and can you let me know how the search does not work, does it return a blank page or the are the results simply limited?

  • edited September 24

    I'll check.

    Search returns a blank page with just "Le programmeur Vert" at the top. and a small picture of Jason Statham young I don't know why :) :) :)

  • Lol, can you send me a screenshot.

    and what about the top right search with the magnifying glass icon.

  • I used the Auto detect accounts option, and it seems to be working now, 2 email popup windows opened the right account each.

    Thanks for the help !

    Bonne journée à toi !

  • Here you go2 screenshots, page and box where I suppose you search and result, blank.

    I don't have a top right search on the "Aide" page.

  • edited September 24

    So I see design issues, indicating there are problem other extensions or software interfering with page loads. Most likely ad blockers or such, you can try disabling them to verify.

  • Ok, that computes !

    If I pause Mr Adblock, I can see the mag. glass icon and the search returns results on the next page !

    Maybe something to fix. At least I'll know to disable it if I look for an answer.

    Thanks !

  • It's been known some ad blockers enabled optional settings that cause these issues, you might look at the ad block settings or use their defaults.

  • Coudln't find any setting relevant to anything with extension, nor defauft settings...

    But it's OK, I'l live with it :) Don't use that search very often.

    You can close the topic for me. Thanks !

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