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Detect Time Weekend Bug

Detect Time works great on weekdays day but on weekends it only works if that day does not already have a user created event. If there is already a user created event on the weekend day selected it fails to detect time. This bug does not manifest if the only event(s) on that weekend day are automatic events, like holidays.

This one on Sunday Nov 1 with 2 user events in it. Doesn't work.

This one on Monday Oct 26 with 3 user events in it. Works fine.

Please let me know if you need any further information.


  • There is another difference in that the date is selected in only one of the dialog boxes...

  • They were selected exactly the same way. Clicking on the day in the 2week view.

  • That is exactly how it displays in the one that detects correctly as well until the detection kicks in and takes over.

  • I found the issue, it seems to be related to some DST or timezone issue that happens on November 1st. It is not related to events or weekends just that particular Nov 1 day. Can you confirm?

  • Yes. I can confirm that other weekend days with events work fine. DST does sound like a probable culprit. As usual, DST does nothing but cause problems.

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