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Google Pay payment

Hey jason,

Thank you for calendar plus. It made my life infintely easier. I really want to contribute as a thank you (and ofc the themes :P). I dont have the cards (providers) supported by Stripe payment so i tried Google pay but it always redirected me to stripe. Hope this is fixed.

Thank you again for this amazing thing.


  • Really, cause Stripe supports a large array of cards international cards, including several European only cards. What about PayPal or bitcoins?

  • Same with Paypal. They only support the major providers and I dont have one of those. Bitcoin is illegal here :( . Out of all the options google pay is pretty much the only one i can use.

  • How do you fund your Google Pay account?

  • With a debit card. Its a country specific provider so none of the options have that.

  • Well for a contribution you can simply write a nice review on the Chrome Store, that will be good enough for me.

  • Sure :)

    Is there a way I can get the themes? (Im still willing to pay somehow).

  • Is there anyone in your surrounding that has a one of the supported payments that could do it for you and you pay them in return.

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