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Recent Issue - GTM Links Greyed Out

Hey Jason,

Recently Gmail & GoToMeeting made some updates and I've had trouble clicking through the gtm links on the popups through your plugin. This was never an issue before they started changing things on us. Instead of it being a clickable link, it's greyed out and I have to copy and paste it into a new tab to get it to launch my meeting. Not a big deal, but perhaps something you could adjust to save us users a few clicks.


  • So it seems this is on their end, it may be best to contact them about it?

    else maybe you can send me a gotomeeting so i can see this in my calendar for testing - website .. about .. contact .. my email is there

  • Well it works in other areas of Google Calendar, but it's being read differently -- it's being converted into a button/accordin. So I'm not sure what I would tell them. Here's some pieces in hopes I can help. I also noticed it with Zoom meetings.

    GTM Checker Plus Event Popup Code:

    Gmail, Google Calendar Side Bar Popup:

    Zoom Meeting Event Example, Checker Plus:

    Zoom Meeting Event Example, Google Calendar:

    Zoom Meeting Checker Plus Event Popup Code:

  • Damn, great investigative work, so it looks like they are using the label/name field to put the actual link (not standard)

    i'll see if i can parse that in a future update, thanks.

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