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events only show on manual refresh


It seems at times certain events never make it into the extension calendar. I have not been able to correlate what the trigger is yet.

I was reading up on the notification behaviour (in your KB - https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Push_Notifications) and I know the push notifications should be working by default.

As my screenshots show, the event is not showing in the extension. A manual refresh brings the event in immediately. I reinstalled the extension and tried in a separate profile. I also tried on the stable and nightly build on my browser.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for your time. It is appreciated.


  • edited August 2020

    Sometimes a restart of the extension (or browser) will reawaken the push notifications, but generally they should trigger within seconds to a minute.

    Some specific calendars may not support push notifications, can you identify any more details, like while calendars or which kind of events. There is a backup polling interval to automatically refresh after x hours as a fall back, because even Google says there may be delays or issues with Google servers which the push notifications rely on.

  • The calendar is simply a gsuite calendar (default) for a user. I simply access it from my phone, of the web app in my browser. The event type is simply a meeting.

  • ok let me know if the restart of the browser or else a reinstall of the extension helps.

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