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I keep getting a popup

I keep getting a popup saying " You are using an old Chrome version. Update Chrome. This is not true, but it persists.




  • It is true you are using v76 but the latest is 77 https://jasonsavard.com/Chrome-Channel-Releases

  • Thanks. When I click on the Update Chrome I see these directions:

    1. On your computer, open Chrome.
    2. At the top right, click More 
    3. .
    4. Click Update Google Chrome.
      • Important: If you don't see this button, you're on the latest version.

    I did not see the link so I thought I was up-to-date. I drill a bit deeper and found an update link.All's good now.


  • My chrome "is" up to date, but I keep seeing this pop up.

  • edited June 7

    @Paul K I see you are using v81 which is 2 version behind the latest 83, more info..

    Contact your system admin or redownload the latest version for your security.

  • Version 83.0.4103.97 is what I'm using. Also, yesterday I downloaded Brave, but the settings that I created in checker plus for Chrome (color, font size, etc) did not transfer. I believe that I properly selected synch. I "love" checker plus for my calendar and could use some help getting it properly set up in Brave. Then, I can look at gmail etc. Thanks for taking the rare personal interest.

  • @Paul K I can confirm that this website registered your user agent as v81 at the time you first commented here, at the time of this latest comment I see you are indeed on the latest version. As for the sync, it does work but not across different browser companies. Please feel free to open another thread for more inquires as I don't want to bloat this thread.

  • No new synchs so Chrome must have caught up on their own. I'll post a new thread to see about cut/paste all Chrome CheckerPlus settings for use in Brave. Thanks.

  • Just contributed and went to change skins. Again got popup that I was using old version. Is Brave a problem?

  • @Paul K Yes most likely I don't officially support Brave, but it should work.

  • Last thought on this - I think I inadvertently used an old email address when I launched checker plus. I looked for a way to change my account email address, but couldn't find it. My donation came from paulbike@gmail.com, but calendar shows a different email. If I need to change the account email, can I do that?

  • Still not happening.

    1- I went to Brave and to extensions. Checker plus is not listed and it did not seem to transfer from Chrome.

    2- I went to your extension directly and in google play store to select "already contributed". There is no such choice in either when I click contribute.

    Obviously, if I can't use checker plus in Brave and I'm switching to Brave, it doesn't make much sense to contribute, but I'd rather find a way to make it work. Is there anything I can do to help you find a solution?

  • @Paul K 1) Let me restate that Chrome and Brave will not sync extensions or data, you will need to install the extension manually in Brave from the Chrome Store.

    2) To have your contribution recognized, however you can do these steps: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Already_Contributed

  • I did try to download CheckerPlus manually by launching Chrome Store from Brave and selecting download to Brave. I did hit contribute and then already contributed. I listened to your vidoe saying thank you. I then went to Skins and themes and selected the first one I wanted "large icons".

    I was brought to a page that says skins and themes in the middle of the page, with a coffee pods ad on the left and solar roadways on the right. It says Ad them by going to the popup window and click skins and themes.

    1) the you are using and old chrome version STILL shows up.

    2) there is no popup window

    So, I hit view all skins

    I see free $10 in bitcoin on the left and checker plus now on firefox on the right. In the middle, I see a list of names of items. I once again selected Font, Large using the Plus sign on the right. The You are using an old version of Chrome pops up again. I X out of it.

    I am brought once again to a page with ads on the left and right and Skins and themes in the middle. Which says, add them by going to the popup wind and click skins and themes. The old Chrome version is also back again.

    Also Support your developer with your picture and a "contribute" button is still there on the right of the skins and themes window.

    This is getting tedious.

  • I think you left out the step of launching checker plus from the checker plus Icon inside Brave, which THEN brings up a popup window.

    So, I hit the 3 dots and chose skins and select Font size Large with the plus sign to the left of the window. Then I click OK.

    Another popup comes up and says "use the plus sign to add skins. I JUST DID THAT. So I click OK. The little pop up goes away and the 1/4 page (non-expandable) calendar has reverted back to the small text font. Options are there on the right with skins and themes. I did the whole thing all over again with this same result.

  • I'm no genius but I built this PC and I know how to follow instructions. I keep wondering how many people walk away who could be using your products just because the instructions were, I think maybe, written by someone who already knows how to do it. Obviously, I'm missing steps and/or you are not recording the proper Chrome upgrade or my contribution. Am I really the only one having these issues?

  • @Paul K So the steps you mentioned about launching checker plus are all correct, it seems, now that when you click the + symbol beside the themes and clicking ok that they are not being saved? Is there any message appearing stating something about the contribution missing?

    A video might be easier so I understand the context?

  • I have mentioned that you are not recording my contribution and you are not seeing the chrome update, Also, that I am unable to drag the calendar from the corners to make it full screen. I have no clue how to take a video of the steps or to send it to you.

    When I first used Checker Plus a few ago in Chrome, I donated and everything worked. I have a full screen calendar with large text and a black background. Now, I'm trying to use Brave.

    If you are interested in a zoom session or taking over my PC, I'm happy to hear from you at my email address and to take it off of this thread. If not, I'm afraid that I'm going to have to just move on unless you have another suggestion.

  • @Paul K can you send me screenshots of where you encounter the issue? And please start a different thread as we are spamming the original creator of this thread. I must reiterate that I do not officially support brave for exactly these reasons. Does it work on chrome?

  • Last comment. Since I've described everything, I don't see how screenshots will help. Yes, I already mentioned that I have it on Chrome and that I have contributed for it. I contributed again so I could use it on Brave, but since I can't use your features on Brave, I must ask for you to return that contribution to my original method of payment. Any problem doing that? Thank you.

  • @Paul K I will gladly refund you, please specify the email from which you contributed from or an email receipt from the contribution, note that I'm refunding mainly because I've exhausted my resources on this thread and you are using an unsupported browser, which I've mentioned several times now.

  • @Paul K I have refunded you.

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