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Notification window keeps open after clicking the event


is it possible to set the Checker to automatically close the notification popup window when I click the link it shows?

After clicking it redirects me to Google Calendar and the notification window keeps open so I must find it and close it manually very time.



  • So just to confirm, you are clicking the title of event in the reminder popup window to see the details of the event within Google Calendar?

  • Yes. I click the title and it is all I need to do with the reminder. Theres no reason to keep it open.

  • Interesting suggestion I've had the same experience, can i ask why do you usually ckick the event? Changing details or other actions?

  • I usually write notes to my events in Google Calendar so I need to read them before the event starts.

  • Hello, I would like to ask if you plan to do „something“ with this feature. Thanks!

  • Yes, I added this suggestion to my queue for investigation, note that I am only one developer of many extensions so I perform a batch updates on every extension about every 2 months or faster if the priority is high...

  • Perfect! I did not want to push on you, I only wanted to know, what the future of this feature looks like.

    Thanks a lot a nd all the best to you!

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