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google voice?


Big fan of both the calendar and gmail checkers! Thank you again for those. Have you ever thought about doing one for google voice? I know it's a relatively neglected service, but it still exists.... it must be getting some use (i.e. not just me). It's my only phone number.

The chrome extension is wonky and just in the last day or so stopped showing unread message counts. Clicking on it just takes me to the inbox. I installed another extension called onenumber which works but hasn't been updated in 7 years.

And I thought, "I wonder if Jason Savard has an extension for voice?" Anyway, just a thought.

Thanks again!


  • I thought about it as it was my primary use also at one point, however it lacked full support in Canada so i gave up on as testing would prove difficult.

  • hi i watch your video

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