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Gmail notification does not work properly

I do not receive notifications when I receive emails. It is a problem which takes a few days. I reinstalled the extension on Google Chrome but the problem continues.

I read a lot of commnents on Facebook from people having the same problem. If it does not work, I will have to delete it. Removing the extension and adding it back again does fix it temporarily

Thank you for your looking into it.




  • Try this https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Auto-detect_sign_in_issues

    and can you send me these facebook comments, because I don't see them.

  • It has had trouble turning on and it makes me so confused!

  • @Delanie Counts Have you tried reinstalling the extension.

  • My notifications are suddenly not showing up all the time, either. I get some, not others, and when they do show up, they disappear within seconds. I have my notifications set to NEVER disappear. I've restarted the browser multiple times, cleared the cache, even rebooted my computer. The problem still persists. I've spent hours trying to fix this. It is critical that I have this for work. I am beyond frustrated right now.

  • P.S. This just started happening suddenly about a week ago.

  • @H Andrews So Windows is someone the culprit as they have taken more control of notifications, but there's a few settings to play around with. You can try playing with the "move into action center" option and also refer to https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Notifications_are_not_working

  • Thanks, Jason. Before I do that, can you tell me what happens once I click "move into action center?" Do I then need to set other settings in Windows. Just FYI, I'm not a technologically inclined person. ;)

  • Reinstall seemed to work, Jason. Thank you so much for your help!! The only remaining "new" issue is this. I have two gmail addresses that I use throughout the day. If I get a notification from X address, it stays on the screen indefinitely (this is a good thing, so, this is fixed), but if an email notification comes in for Y address, the X notification disappears. This is something that wasn't happening before. Can this be fixed?

  • @H Andrews So there's no notification behavior settings per email address in my extension, so I would have to deduce the issue is random and remains at the level of the OS. If your able to systematically reproduce an issue i'll look into it, tests can be done sometimes by sending yourself emails or marking some as unread in Gmail.

  • Thanks again, Jason. I'll watch it the next few days. :)

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