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conversation view off

Hi, regarding this message:
Conversation View issue
You are using my Checker Plus for Gmail extension and I have detected that your Conversation View setting in Gmail is set to off.

This sometimes causes an issue which prevents deleting or marking emails as read within my extension. The only solution is turn this setting On in your Gmail settings

I have turned the conversation view in Gmail off because sometimes, in a multiple recipient conversation I can miss an email, it already happened to me twice, so I prefer to have the incoming emails clearly separated one from another; just wanted to let you know that I won't be turning on the conversation view, is there a walk around for this issue?


  • There is currently no workaround that's why i'm being more blatant about the issue. But the issue is intermittent and only for those using the action buttons in my extension, such as deleting or marking as read.

    I am developing a new way off adding/saving accounts vs auto-detecting and this will avoid the issue altogether, but I have no set date on this as of yet.
  • conversation view in gmail is not so clever. you sometimes miss messages, and you cannot delete sent messages without deleting the whole conversations. but since turning it off creates an issue for checker plus, I turned it on again. 
  • Antonino, that is exactlly what I mean, it already happened to me a couple of times, I missed very important messages and even argued with the sender that he/she did not send it which, needless to say, put me in  very akward position once I found they were there, amidst the other emails.
    Jason, I do not have issues with your extension, so, for the time being I´ll keep conversation view off.
    Thank you for the amazing addon.
    Regards from Bulgaria.
  • Hi, Is there any progress on this subject yet?

    There's still times where it doesn't show all mails, especially when there's multiple of similar variants. Then I can also try delete one, but if another is the same and not showing, then it doesn't delete.

  • @Jun den Oudsten Since this issue was reported I have developed the aforementioned manual add method that might offer a better conversation view off support: https://jasonsavard.com/wiki/Account_sign_in_methods

    However, I still recommend the conversation view on if you have a choice.

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